GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0

Posted by Jack Osborn on Tuesday, May 21, 2013
GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0

GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0: 1.5+

GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0: GPlayer - Super Video Player (Floating!)

█ Why do media player ?

☆ Multiple-Window & Floating Pop-up Technique; play , windows.

☆ Simple & Customize Theme Style System; make theme easy way.

☆ Easy Operation Interface; View , grid, and 3D Gallery mode, play gesture . also use from .

☆ Wide Video Format Support; play almost types media files with software decoder files, like , wmv, …etc. support (HTML5) .

☆ Group Media Sharing; share friends high speed wireless channel without any configuration.

☆ Personalize List; mark media, shows mirror list.

☆ Performance Improve; Better performance loading . large amount files, its loading time is compared others video player.

☆ 100% NO AD; Pure code without any 3rd-party advertising.

█ Introduction

The GPlayer "Super Video Player (Floating!)" improved GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0 , video playback software OS. re-size, move window, multi-windows play-back Media Sharing feature. Better operation experience, support subtitle video technique. words, watch content application. watch something else same time!

█ Description

The floating system make move window position and resize boundary according personal favor. also play screen video system notification tray . If enough, also play with "Multi-Window"(Maximum ). watch up video files same time.

The "GPlayer" just a popup video player video player, a friendly user interface style, Grid style Gallery Flow style. customize wish.

record the playback position file files. Moreover, it supports (.srt, .ass, and .smi file GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0 ) when a video file. files (mp3, wav...etc).

Group Media Sharing allows same network mask to share files. words, share contents with same Wi-Fi environment (Wi-Fi Access Point). also try the "Sync Play" feature, very funny.

The "GPlayer" supports from Android 1.5 ~ 4.2 screen size and resolution. integrate -in media Gallery source, sa streaming URL the "GPlayer" from others File Explorer.

No matter what size device, even a small-size screen, the "GPlayer" working terrific playback.

█ How ?

Please read “menu” -> “Settings” -> “User Manual” software.

What's GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0 :

2013-MAY-20 v1.7.0

Modify: fix when call

2013-MAY-17 v1.6.9

Add: new option, "Clean Sharing List"

Add: update theme, add the "Mode Selector", switch between style style quickly.

Modify: change the "subtitle offset" and "subtitle selector" in floating control panel, long click icon ("T" mark) up

Modify: improve interface


GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0:

GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0:

Download : GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0 Instructions:

Mirror GPlayer (Super Video Floating) v1.7.0:

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